Substance Abuse and the Law

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What are some of the legal problems with substance abuse?

Substance Abuse and the Law

Over time, laws have sought to address substance abuse by banning the consumption and trade of addictive substances. This does not stop many people from illegally consuming addictive substances, but it does give courts a reason to order treatment for people whose addictions may pose a danger to themselves or others.

While there are many critics of US drug policy, the fact remains that consuming illegal substances (including alcohol, if you are under 21 or driving a car) can get you into serious trouble with the law, which in turn can cost you opportunities for employment and schooling, relationships with family and other valued people, thousands of dollars for fines or treatment, and your freedom, if you are sent to prison.

All of these problems can add to the burdens an addict faces in trying to recover. If you are even slightly motivated to consider entering recovery, look for a rehab center now rather than waiting until the courts find one for you.



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