What the Family Sees in a Heroin Addict

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What are the symptoms of heroin use in reference to family?

What the Family Sees in a Heroin Addict

When a family member uses drugs of any kind, it has an almost immediate affect on the rest of the family. Some of the signs of abusing drugs can be:
- changes in friends
- self-imposed isolation
- deteriorating family relationships
- changes in behavior and attitude
- long, unexplained absences

It is important to keep in mind that any one of the signs listed may not be enough to indicate drug abuse, but more than two at any time is enough to suggest that further investigation is appropriate.
For a Heroin addict, one of the more particular symptoms is the appearance of needle-marks, or "tracks" usually found on the inside of the arm. Oftentimes the tracks will turn into sores which may leave visible scars. Another one of the common indications of heroin abuse is that the person will wear long sleeves in warmer weather.



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