The Importance of a Support Network in Recovery

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Do I Need to Interact with Other People in Order to Get Sober?

The Importance of a Support Network in Recovery

Many people in early recovery wrongfully assume that they will be able to recover alone, without a drug rehab program or support network. By the time a person is ready to seek help for substance addiction, he/she has most likely tried every way imaginable to do so independently of others. These attempts have failed over and over again. The addict mind will lie to its inhabitant over and over and over again until that person either loses every reason to live and/or dies as a result.

Some common self-destructive thought processes to watch out for:

  • I am so smart that I can intellectualize my way out of the addiction.
  • If I read enough self-help literature, I will be able to understand the cause of my addiction and, thus, treat myself.
  • Everyone else is wrong and I am right. I can handle this alone.
  • If recovery worked, I would already have everything in life I ever wanted. I shouldn't have to work to feel better.
  • Why me? Why can't I just drink like everyone else?
It is absolutely recommended that if a person wants to live not only a "dry" life, but a "sober" one, that includes laughter and peace of mind, as well as emotional, relational and financial benefits, that he/she find a support network right away.



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