California Drug Rehab

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Is it Necessary to Go to California to Rehabiliate from Drugs/Alcohol?

California Drug Rehab

California is well-known as a mecca for drug and alcohol treatment facilities. One often hears fetching stories of the "luxuries" of recovering like the stars. While California drug rehab programs may offer top-notch amenities and services, it must be noted that there are plenty of high-quality rehab programs all over the world that do not require one to take out a second mortgage on his/her home.

It is not uncommon for recovering addicts to spend thousands upon thousands of dollars for the "best" treatment, and find themselves in a much cheaper and equally useful setting finally getting clean. Much of this has very little to do with the facility and very much to do with the potential recovering person's frame of mind. In fact, for those in rehabilitation who are looking for some sort of rewarding vacation for their addictive patterns, romanticizing this life/death illness may actually prove detrimental to the recovery process.



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