Emotional Effects of Marijuana

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What are some of the emotional effects of marijuana use?

Emotional Effects of Marijuana

Many regular marijuana users seem to lose their motivation to achieve in school, work, sports, or creative endeavors. Even if they are talented and were doing well in these areas, they may stop trying. At the same time, the money they may have spent on their productive pursuits becomes diverted to drug dealers.

Those who use marijuana as an escape may fail to develop normal social skills and remain childlike in their ability to deal with other people, handle stress, or form their own opinions. Some people become obnoxious and a few may even become violent while high. Others become overwhelmed by heightened input from their senses, and may seem to "shut down."

Taking a high dose of the drug may even lead to cannabis psychosis, which can include hallucinations, paranoia, and a loss of identity.



10/3/2006 11:33:52 PM
john chue said:

I think this page was well written but had very few facts in which oyu could use

11/3/2006 12:52:43 PM
Chris said:

This is not true. I am 20 years old and I am enrolled in college. I am the first one in my family to even enroll in college. This statement is an overgeneralization of the public. I do not feel bad about people who do not succeed because I was there and then I wanted to do something with my life because I did not want to be middle-class. I am going for my associate's degree in Bio-pharmacy (not for the drugs) so I don't have to worry about money and so I have a well paying job so I don't have to go through a drudge of a life. Thank you, Chris

3/6/2007 1:50:16 AM
mMaddison Japanese said:

I think it bader then me

5/9/2007 5:11:43 PM
courtney said:

helped add to my reaserch.

5/14/2007 6:37:08 PM
joanna brunk said:

i didnt find anything i wanted to know

5/28/2007 11:12:12 AM
CM! said:

This info was pretty good. But the amount of info was little. I think to make it better would be to have more info than there already is.


8/6/2007 1:04:26 PM
Chris The Bassist said:

Thank God I found this info. I am presently going through Mary withdrawl. And BOY, does it suck. I thought I was going crazy. I do Believe MJ is addictive. I also have an undiagnosed form of ADD/OCD. I do DISAGREE with one thing on this site. The fact that MJ would actually INCREASE my MOTIVATION to work and get stuff done is true - a little strange, but true. Then, after a year of working 12-14 hour days at work and Smoking a little of it here and there, it started to backfire. I would get irate easily, I stopped eating normally, and the stress of my job was driving me insane. So I abrubtly stopped right before may days off thinking I would be fine going back to work after my days off, but Boy, was I wrong. I am ashamed at doing this to my body and my mind, because the brain in my head is unbelievable - I am an artist in my spare time and it is one of only a few things I am proud of. I love the smell of it, the taste, and the way I feel when I am not addicted to it, I mean, when I occasionally use it. During my anxiety episodes, my thoughts REALLY freak me out - especially since my parents were on a plane out of Newark to San Francisco the morning of 9/11. They turned out OK - wrong flight number and they were on a plane that got grounded in KANSAS! But, still the initial thoughts of what could've happened to them haunt me to this day. I come from a military family, and spent time in the military myself, before being kicked out for pot use. Ashamed. I would try to go back into the military again to make up for it, but the current state of "WAR" we are in makes me not want to fight for Oil. So, those are the thoughts in my head during my withdrawl. I was a firefighter in the US Navy (DC), and loved my place in the greatest military in the World.
I was about to become a Marijuana activist, but am thinking otherwise now. MJ IS ADDICTIVE (depending upon the individual), and can really ruin your life, but my as# is getting back in school. Well, after all the symptoms subside. Damn it! I'm a smart man, I was just un focused due to MJ. I will miss her, and will only see her again when I am on my death bed. But for now, I may have 2-3 weeks left of withdrawl, based on my symptoms slowly dissolving - anxiety, sweating, not eating much, uncontrollable thoughts, insomnia, waking up in the morning with severe anxiety and worry, severe shame, etc. So I say thank GOD I have a beautiful wonderful smart fiance to help me thru this, and her family as well, since my own family pretty much dissolved after a divorce. So, now is the test of self-discipline I have needed for 4-5 years. And I will pass. Thank you, MJ withdrawl site. I now know I am not alone. Thank you, the other similar sites, and God. Good Day.

9/15/2007 9:42:30 PM
John said:

I thought this page was very helpful for my project.

9/27/2007 9:24:13 AM
Rachel said:

this is not true beccause i am now turning 18 and i used m ayjuana since i was 11 and i finished school when i was 16 and now i'm going to college here in new mexico. i wanted to achieve and be all that i wanted to be, and i did it.

10/30/2007 1:30:44 AM
emily said:

i think u could get more imfo like CANNIBAS KIllS SPERM COUNTS guys would listen more.

10/31/2007 12:02:35 PM
jack said:

I think that you could have put some more facts into the emotional effects page.

11/25/2007 7:21:14 PM
Julia said:

I got a lot out of this page for an asignment in high school Health and Career Education class. Thank you, Julia

2/11/2009 4:32:23 PM
Dylan said:

wow this is soo true! im 16 and going to school is is hard to stay focused. i act dumb to.

4/30/2009 1:25:58 PM
prhs said:

thanks with the help!

6/4/2009 4:18:52 AM
Damien said:

it looks detailed but it doenst have very many actual facts it has 2 lists but it needs to have more information on how it affects yourself, others and whoever is the seller.

9/1/2009 4:50:42 AM
tyson said:

very good but it needs more facts

9/28/2009 9:50:11 PM
joe said:

its not a clear cut true or false. effects are different for everyone. i am sure you can smoke weed and handle responsiblitites like that. i have a friend who is like that, and know people like that. But i also know others, myself included, who fit that description right down to every detail. i felt like my mind, and emotions shut down on me. i lost interests in many things, became sorta down, have underdeveloped social skills, cant make decisions etc etc. I dont smoke anymore, but i certainly dont care if others do. but the effects vary depending on the person, and the envronment they are living in. the external environment is a huge factor to development i htink especially when you are ripped.

11/16/2011 10:45:02 AM
Samuel said:

People only argue for drug use when they want to keep using them. You don't need the drug to feel good, life is good enough. If you need marijuana to feel good then you might as well go end your life now because there is no use if you can't provide pleasure for yourself without it. People say there aren't consequences but there are. It irritates the lungs more than tobacco. Maybe you should rethink your life and perhaps understand that if you need marijuana to make you feel happy, then your life is pointless Chris. These drugs are making you achieve less. Go a year without it and see where you end up. Good luck, Samuel

11/16/2011 3:38:12 PM
Ann said:

I'm 19 and I have smoked weed. The majority of the population probably has by now. However, I think a part of this is true. My brother has natural smarts and he is addicted to weed. Now he dropped out of college and is in poor living conditions. And he does act very child like, not wanting to grow up and deal with the stress of life. It's hard to say weed doesn't affect your lifestyle. I am in college and working two part time jobs now that I quit. I probably would have been here regardless of smoking or not, but the fact is, if you want to reach your highest possible potential at everything you do, you might consider dropping it. There are plenty of people who function with it in their lives, like I did, but I made the choice that I didn't want to just "function" in life, I want to be the best at what I do and enjoy life without having to escape it. Sure weed is nice when you're stressed out and wanting to feel good, but coming down from the high is depressing. I've found the best way to stop smoking is to literally just stop smoking lol. That way you forget how the high feels and you enjoy regular consciousness more. Just my opinion. :) however I do get the craving now and then. All it takes for me is a little self control. You have to decide for yourself how you want to live.


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