Prospects for Medical Treatment of Marijuana Dependency

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Is there a drug to treat marijuana addiction?

Prospects for Medical Treatment of Marijuana Dependency

No medications are currently available to treat marijuana dependency. The only legitimate treatments currently in use are behavioral therapy and self-help groups such as Narcotics Anonymous or Marijuana Anonymous. Many current treatment options focus on those who are addicted to both marijuana and another drug, often cocaine.

(It should be noted that Web searches for marijuana treatment turn up many sites promoting Narconon, a program connected with the Church of Scientology. Independent experts say there is no scientific evidence to back up Narconon's treatments, which involve large doses of niacin and hours in saunas.)

Scientists have been researching the workings of THC, the active chemical in marijuana, within the brain. Recent discoveries about the way the brain absorbs THC may lead to the development of a medication that will block the marijuana high, and prevent relapse by reducing or eliminating the appeal of the drug.



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