Emotional Effects of Cocaine Use

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What are some of the emotional effects of cocaine use?

Emotional Effects of Cocaine Use

Cocaine users may become anxious or paranoid because of the stimulating qualities of the drug. Many experience mood swings or inability to sit still, and aggression is common, particularly as the high wears off. Others suffer panic attacks or episodes that may seem manic. Occasionally, a heavy user may experience psychosis, with hallucinations leading to bizarre or suicidal behavior.

Users may also experience delusions of grandeur, leading them to attempt dangerous acts or believe themselves to be far more competent than they are.

By far the most pervasive effect of cocaine is its addictive quality, which may rob the patient of the ability ever to feel "normal" again without cocaine.

Because cocaine costs money and imperils a person's employability, it is the cause of significant damage to addicts' families, jobs, and communities.



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