Physical Effects of Narcotics

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What are some of the physical effects of narcotics addiction?

Physical Effects of Narcotics

The most harmful effect of opiates is not the substance itself, but the addiction it causes. Withdrawal symptoms are so unpleasant -- cramps, shivers, sweats -- that many people quickly become addicted, requiring more and more of the drug.

Methods of consumption can be harmful -- shooting up runs the risk of infection from dirty needles, damage to the veins, abscesses, and blood clots. A blocked vein (thrombosis) can even cause gangrene and occasionally addicts must have limbs amputated. Sharing needles can also spread blood-borne diseases like HIV and hepatitis.

Smoking the drug is damaging to the throat and lungs. Many addicts develop an asthma-like condition with severe cough.

Regular use of opiates often results in constipation, a fairly minor but irritating symptom. Malnutrition is another risk, since opiates can block the feeling of hunger.



8/7/2006 2:51:49 PM
B Lewis said:

Best info I have found so far. 24 yr old grandson in big trouble with shooting up drugs. at present is in detox in a lot of pain. What process is used to detox, how long does it take. Hopefull we can get him into a year long rehab program. He has lied so much, we still are not sure what all he has been using. This is a horror nightmare.

6/29/2009 4:09:50 AM
nicole said:

i need to know who wrote this, so i could have it for my reference page.


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