Emotional Effects of Narcotics

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What are some of the emotional effects of narcotics addiction?

Emotional Effects of Narcotics

Opiates are depressants. Many people who try them report an initial feeling of comfort, lessening of anxiety, and general well-being. As the drug wears off, though, the drug tends to magnify any depressive tendencies the user already has, and some people may even become suicidal.

Addiction can radically change a user's psychological outlook. All of the user's previous priorities (work, family, school, religion or morals) will go by the wayside if they get in the way of access to the drug. Getting and taking the drug becomes the person's sole focus in life, and many addicts do not enter recovery before suffering serious social consequences (homelessness, rejection by family, encounters with the law).



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doing drugs is bad..... don't do them


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