Emotional Effects of Meth and Amphetamines

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What are some of the emotional effects of meth and amphetamines?

Emotional Effects of Meth and Amphetamines

Amphetamine users experience increased energy, social confidence, rapid talking, and a feeling of alertness. In the short term, aside from a lack of sleep the night after use, the drug does little psychological damage.

Over time, and especially in the ever-increasing amounts required by addicts, emotional effects can include severe insomnia, confusion, panic, episodes of aggression, and a condition resembling schizophrenia. All of these symptoms make it more difficult for the addict to focus on maintaining motivation for getting off the drug and getting past the withdrawal symptoms. In many cases, those who try to quit meth on their own will fail until they can enter a drug detox for 30 days or more.

Many meth addicts enter treatment through the legal system because their pursuit of the drug has led them to crime, ranging from simple burglaries to high-tech identity-theft schemes.



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