The Power of Diversions

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What are diversions, and how do they help prevent relapses?

The Power of Diversions

A "diversion" is a learned behavior that can postpone or prevent a relapse when a craving strikes. Some people come up with their own diversions, but others learn them through therapy or support groups. Diversions include both emotional and physical management skills.

Because 12-step groups teach that recovery is "one day at a time," often the goal of a diversion is simply to postpone satisfying the craving. Diversions include:

-- Going somewhere else, if you are in an environment where others are using.

-- Calling a sponsor or other abstinent friend for support.

-- Writing a list of people who will be harmed if you use.

-- Writing a list of reasons you have to be grateful (for anything) right now.

-- Doing a kind deed for someone else.

-- Praying.

-- Exercising (try 10 push-ups or a brisk walk).

-- Deep breathing or meditation.

-- Eating or drinking something healthy.

-- Taking a nap.



2/5/2012 6:04:03 PM
schmoozie said:

i had heard in meetings that when i was really struggling with an overwhelming compulsion to use, to put my 24 hr. chip in my mouth, when it dissolved i could use...of course they don't dissolve, and thank God...i have ACTUALLY been so desperate that i have put my 24 hr. chip in my mouth, it remained there until the compulsion passed...i have done it more than once...gratefully, i am clean and sober almost 14 yrs. loved these tips..and this site, ty!


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