Don't Feed the Tiger

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How can a recovering addict avoid situations associated with drug use?

Don't Feed the Tiger

Recovery experts emphasize that it is important for users to establish lives away from the people and situations they associate with their drug use.

If you used amphetamines to help you stay awake for long hours at work, then you need to limit your work hours. If you spent a lot of time getting drunk in bars, you need to find chemical-free ways to enjoy your Saturday nights. If your favorite sister smokes a joint after dinner every night, try seeing her at breakfast or lunch. If your route home from work takes you past a place you used to use, try going home a different way.

Plan ahead for happy occasions as well as stressful ones. Holidays, birthdays, and weddings may trigger relapses. Addicts and supportive family members can plan to spend these days away from toxic people and old patterns.



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