If You Think You Have a Drug or Alcohol Problem

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I think I have a problem with alcohol or drugs. What can I do?

If You Think You Have a Drug or Alcohol Problem

Sometimes people don't recognize the power alcohol or drugs have assumed in their lives until they are confronted by a concerned friend or family member, or until they get into trouble with school, work, or the law because of their use.

You don't need to be one of those people. If you suspect you have a problem, and you want to get well, there are resources where you can get help. These substances have changed your body and your brain in ways that are hard to overcome on your own, and it is not a sign of weakness if you don't succeed at managing your substance problem on your own.

It's hard to reach out for help. The people you love may be disappointed or scared. If they care about you, though, they will want to get you the help you need. Tell a family member, a counselor or teacher at school, a trusted medical professional, or call 1-800-ALCOHOL (1-800-252-6465) for help and a local referral.



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