If You Have a Relapse

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What happens if I'm in recovery and have a relapse?

If You Have a Relapse

Relapse -- returning to the use of alcohol or another drug after entering recovery -- is common, particularly among those who are in the early stages of recovery.

If this happens to you, seek alcohol or drug detox immediately! Many drugs react particularly strongly on a body that has been cleansed of toxic substances, but has not yet physically repaired the damage caused by months or years of addictive use. You may be running the risk of serious health problems or even death, and you need qualified substance abuse treatment to keep your body safe.

Do not give up on yourself or declare that recovery is hopeless. Instead, use the incident to learn more about your triggers and the feelings that underlie your addiction. A good therapist can help you practice coping skills for dealing with similar situations in the future.

Do not be ashamed to return to your 12-step group after a relapse. You may find that many of the people there have had relapses as well, and can help you through their experience.



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