Anabolic Steroids and Long Term Effects

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My spouse and I are trying to have a baby he has taken steriods in the past, is thia a problem?

Anabolic Steroids and Long Term Effects

Although Anabolic steroid users do not seem to develop a tolerance over time, it is possible to become addicted to them.
There are short- and long-term effects from using steroids. Some of the short-term effects include more energy and motivation for intensive training. However, acne, high blood pressure, nausea and a host of emotional problems are also among short-term effects.
Some of the long-term effects for females include increased facial and body hair, reduced breast size, irregular periods, and
deepened voices. For men, the long-term effects include temporary infertility and painful enlarged breasts.
High amounts, taken over a prolonged period can cause blood clots, ruptured tendons, heart attacks, liver disease, and cancer.



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