A friend offered me some methamphetamine. Will it harm me?

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A friend offered me some methamphetamine. Will it harm me?

Yes, it will. Meth is the most commonly abused, and most dangerous illegal drug in the United States. It is made with several poisonous chemicals that you would be putting into your body by injection or smoking. The effects of meth are horrifying. If you're twenty years old, you'll look like a seventy-year-old. Your skin will atrophy and age rapidly. Your teeth and gums will rot in a condition called "Meth Mouth." You will be dangerously underweight and malnourished. You will become addicted to meth by your second use; you will commit crimes in order to obtain meth. You'll have sores all over your body. The average life span of a meth addict is five years after the addiction begins. Meth addiction is extremely difficult to treat, and relapse rates are very high. Yes, meth will harm you. In fact, it will destroy you.



3/27/2007 12:33:39 PM
systole//diastole said:

You know, trying to scare kids by saying something is "made using poisonous chemicals" is a prime reason why anti-drug movements aren't working. Anybody with basic high school chemistry knows that many very safe products are made using unsafe reagents. >look up what happens in a chemical reaction.<
When kids figure out that this is such a stupid, obvious piece of misinformation, do you really think they are going to listen to anything else you have to say? Hardly. Kids are going to shut down, and the knowledge of the attempt to misinform them on something that "the man" doesn't want them to do (an attempt that THEY CAUGHT ON TO nonetheless...) will just feed the rebel in them... (there's a good chance that if they are looking for ways they are being lied to by "the man", then they are feeding into their need to rebel, therefore they are at a higher risk of using drugs to begin with. Look at how many teenage idols are tied to drug abuse. [I'm getting off topic])

The bottom line, is that many things are safe, even though they are made with very poisonous ingredients. I'm not saying meth is safe, nor am I advocating it in ANY way. I'm saying if you are going to use scare tactics, be honest. The truth is scary enough.
Don't tell them they WILL DO this, or WON'T that. Society has fabricated such a disgusting and scary image of "the meth addict", that most addicts are able to hide it, and are too afraid to admit to their addiction and accept help, because of the societal branding they will recieve. When you admit to using meth, you immediately transform into the image society has cooked up. And you get treated as such.


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