My spouse/child has a drinking or drug problem. What can I do?

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My spouse/child has a drinking or drug problem. What can I do?

First, let your loved ones know you're aware of the problem, and you will no longer condone it. You will stop making excuses for them and allow them to face the consequences of their actions. Don't enable them to continue their self-destruction, even if it means they go to jail. Make a clear statement that unless their alcohol/drug abuse stops, you cannot have them in your life. Consult an addiction professional about doing an "intervention" with your loved ones, where you, your family and friends confront them about how their addiction has hurt you and how afraid you are for them if they don't get treatment NOW. You can't make decisions for them; they must do that for themselves. But you CAN make decisions for yourself and how you respond to their addiction. Always remember, this isn't your fault no matter what they tell you. You didn't cause their addiction, and you can't "cure" it.



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