Mixing Cocaine and Darvocet

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what are side effects of mixing cocaine and darvocet?

Mixing Cocaine and Darvocet

Darvocet is a legal drug, by prescription only. It contains both acetamenophin and a narcotic pain killer; it is used only for moderate to severe pain. In addition to relieving pain, one of Darvocet's side effects is drowsiness and euphoria. Cocaine is an illegal substance and is a very powerful and dangerous stimulant drug. If you combine the two, the results will be very unpleasant. Imagine driving in your car and slamming on the brakes as hard as you can (Darvocet) and at the same time slamming down the accelerator (cocaine). Your car will receive mixed signals and it will be severely damaged. Similarly, if you combine a stimulant drug with a sedative drug, your body won't know how to react and could very possibly just shut down. Possession of Darvocet without a prescription is a crime, as is possession of cocaine. Combining the two could be a death sentence.



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