Use Patterns Related to Nicotine

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What are the Use Patterns Related to Nicotine?

Use Patterns Related to Nicotine

One would be remiss to provide a series of tips related to drug use/abuse statistics and not mention both the rampant use of and the detrimental effects of nicotine use and abuse. Whether you use/abuse alcohol and other drugs or not, nicotine statistics offer a stark perspective.

People often disregard the outrageous danger of illness and death related to cigarette smoking. The U.S. Center for Disease Control estimates that approximately 100,000 Americans die per year related to alcohol abuse (relative to about 200 million reported drinkers), but that out of 100 million smokers, there are approximately 400,000 deaths. According to Terry Martin's Global Smoking Statistics for 2002, the "prognosis" for smokers looks grim. The estimate is that if smoking trends do not change, that 2030 will see the death of one in six people to smoking related illnesses.



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