Obtaining a Network of Recovery Support

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Can I stay Sober On My Own?

Obtaining a Network of Recovery Support

One of the hallmark behaviors of people who relapse is failure to obtain a network of support. The addicts tendency is to isolate, withdraw and to be convinced that he/she "has this taken care of on my own." That is an automatic prescription for relapse, because the addict thought processes are constantly searching for a way to make you drink, drug, and ultimately die. For this reason, it is crucial that you connect with both program members and non-program members (for example, a sister or friend who does not have a drinking problem, but whom is very supportive of your seeking help) so that you have healthy people (and healthy thoughts) surrounding you.

Be honest with the people you trust about your efforts and verbalize your need for their support. This practice will feel awkward at first, but you will be surprised how many people really care about you and want you to be well.



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