Recovery Choices Outside of Twelve-Step Programming

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Are there any recovery alternatives to Twelve-Step Treatment?

Recovery Choices Outside of Twelve-Step Programming

It is my repeated clinical experience that the most effective way for anyone to recover from addiction/alcoholism is through 12-step programs. That being said, I also believe in presenting my clients with a variety of options. Excellent resources to couple with 12-step programs are Residential Treatment (especially for those with a history of relapse), sober Halfway House Living, Intensive Outpatient Therapy, and even Inpatient Treatment for those in the very first stages of recovery.

Other treatment modalities, such as Harm-Reduction (most often used in treatment of the chronically mentally ill), Rational Recovery, Social Skills Training, or Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (to name a few) are also options to consider. More information on these can be obtained both online and at any larger library. It is important for you to do the research yourself, talk to people with similar experiences, and decide what form of treatment can help you lead a happy, healthy and drug/alcohol free life!



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