Relapse Prevention: Have a Plan

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How Do I Deal with Cravings?

Relapse Prevention: Have a Plan

One of the inevitable aspects of lifelong recovery from alcohol/drug abuse is that you will have cravings from time-to-time. The average craving only lasts about 60 seconds. It is the indulgence in the thought or the possibility of use that makes a negative thought or craving last for days on end. It is important that you have a plan in place for such moments. Here are some plan-in-place ideas:

  • Have several support people on speed dial. This way, if one isn't available when you call, you can call someone else, and you don't have to take the time to find any numbers.
  • Stand Still. If you are standing in the middle of the street, you can't do anything silly (like drink or use).
  • Just start running. Even in place. Again, this may sound silly, but you can run this thought off by focusing on something else.
  • Have a round the clock list of meetings on hand. Go to one immediately if you can.
  • Do the dishes.
  • BREATHE through the feeling



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