Pain Killer Withdrawal

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What are Some Symptoms of Pain Killer Withdrawal?

Pain Killer Withdrawal

One problem with men and women who are not closely monitored in their use of pain killers (which generally occurs as part of the addiction cycle) are withdrawal symptoms that can be both uncomfortable and dangerous. Common symptoms of withdrawal from pain killers are:

  • restlessness
  • bone pain
  • muscle pain
  • cold flashes
  • vomiting
  • diarrhea
  • muscle spasms
If you think that you may have a problem with pain killer addiction, it is highly recommended that you do not try and withdraw in a "cold turkey" fashion. There are numerous medical and treatment facilities where you can detox safely, and under the care of qualified professionals, and receive connections and/or referrals to reputable treatment programs.



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Every person has a unique experience that has led to his or her substance abuse. Some turned to drugs to cope with every day stress. For some social drinking slowly evolved into addiction. Some have a psychological disorder that has perpetuated a cycle of seemingly endless chemical dependency.


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