Pain Killer Rehab: Short-Term Recovery Plan

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What Does a Short-Term Recover Plan for Pain Killer Addiction Look Like?

Pain Killer Rehab: Short-Term Recovery Plan

Another rehabilitation approach goes with the understanding that most pain killer addicts did not openly indulge in drugs to behave deviantly and/or get high, but to alleviate pain. This approach uses an intense focus on physical detox, along with individual therapy and a short-term, intensive treatment. This type of rehab program does not tend to emphasize the importance of total abstinence over the long term. Clinically speaking, it is often the case that someone who becomes addicted to pain killers becomes co-addicted to at least one other substances (alcohol is a good example). In the rare case that this does not occur, the above stated rehabilitation plan may prove successful. It must be noted, however, that addictive tendencies and behaviors can forever alter a person's chemical and thought-processes. If this is the case, a short rehab stint may not prove to be successful.



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