Chronic Pain vs. Pain Killer Consumption

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How Does One Weigh the Balance Between Suffering Chronic Pain and Consuming Pain Killers?

Chronic Pain vs. Pain Killer Consumption

While pain killers have increased in terms of an addictive problem over the recent years, the number of overall cases of men and women addicted to pain killers is still relatively small compared to other substances (like alcohol, for example). If you are in chronic pain, the reality is that the pain can also lead to major depression and even substance abuse of another kind. It is not uncommon for those suffering chronic pain to become addicted to alcohol or other related substances when they are not treated. The recommendation is that if you are in chronic pain, but frightened that you will become addicted to pain killers:

  • Research pain killer addiction (trends) online and at the library and determine the pros and cons related to your situation
  • Talk to your doctor/therapist openly and be honest about your pain and motivation for taking the medication
  • If you are already in a 12-step program, don't hide your desire from your sponsor (this may be a sign of addictive motivations), but be proactive in stating that you are seeking medical/expert advice.
  • If you still do not feel comfortable taking pain killers, then seek out alternative forms of medication-naturopath, chiropractic, acupuncture.
  • And remember, if you are in recovery, you did not go there to be in chronic pain. You can find help without having to suffer through severe physical torture. You don't need to be punished for your past decisions, but, rather, just be honest about your thoughts.



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