Alternatives to Marijuana Anonymous

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What Do I Do If There ARe No Mariuana Anonymous Meetings in my City/Area?

Alternatives to Marijuana Anonymous

Since Marijuana Anonymous is a fairly new fellowship, it tends to be harder to find as a resource, particularly in smaller cities. Even major cities tend to only have about two meetings per week. This minimal amount of support, while beneficial, will not be sufficient to ensure your long-term sobriety. Some other suggestions are as follows:

  • If you have computer access on a regular basis, MA offers one online meeting each day. See for details
  • Narcotics Anonymous is a bit larger as a fellowship and is easier to find. Since you are a marijuana smoker, you most likely have used/abused various other chemicals as well. Go to for further details.
  • Alcoholics Anonymous is the first of the twelve-step fellowship, the most established, and the easiest to find. All other twelve-step programs are based on the exact philosophy of this original one. It is suggested that you first attend open AA meetings to meet people with a similar problem to you.
Another note: If you are trying to cease marijuana use, the general belief is that all substance use must cease. Even if alcohol isn't your "primary" addiction, it is most likely something that is coupled with your marijuana use.



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