Learning More About Recovery from Drug Addiction

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How Do I Know What Kind of Treatment is Best for My Drug Addiction?

Learning More About Recovery from Drug Addiction

The National Institute on Drug Abuse website (nida.nih.gov) has an excellent and comprehensive list of points to consider when seeking treatment for any substance abuse problem. Marijuana is no exception. These "Principles of Drug Addiction Treatment" are a recommended starting place to give yourself a brief overview of what your recovery needs might be.

One important point to highlight here is that drug abuse is a chronic condition. It is important that you do not forget at any point in your recovery that marijuana addiction (as with all substance abuse) is considered a mental illness according to the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders (IV). This means that, as with any mental illness, recovery will be a lifelong process with peaks and valleys and that your recovery needs will evolve and change over time.



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