Physical Effects of Withdrawal from Marijuana Abuse

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How Can I Cope with the Physical Symptoms of Withdrawal from Marijuana Abuse?

Physical Effects of Withdrawal from Marijuana Abuse

As stated previously, the psychological effects of marijuana use cessation are numerous. Again, these include insomnia, irritability, anxiety and even unexplainable anger/rage.

Physical symptoms of withdrawal can also be debilitating. Common physical manifestions of withdrawal are headaches, eating problems (early loss of appetite and/or cramping), and heavy sweating. These symptoms are common physiological responses to bombarding one's body with toxins. And, yes, excessive marijuana consumption would be considered toxic to the body.

It is suggested that in order to cope with such symptoms, you drink a lot of water, lay off the caffeine (which will only enhance insomnia) and stay away from too much fatty food. Additionally, practice some new self-care behaviors that you would offer anyone with a severe case of the flu: eat chicken soup, take a bath, relax and read a book, and get some rest.



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