Court Mandated Rehabilitation

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How Do I Deal With Court Mandated Rehabilitation?

Court Mandated Rehabilitation

Some of you reading these tips may have been "forced" into rehabilitation from marijuana abuse for a variety of reasons. Maybe you were drinking while you were smoking and received a DUI, maybe you were pulled over and marijuana was found in your possession. Whatever the reason, if a judge mandates that you seek rehabilitation for marijuana/drug addiction then you have no choice but to follow-through.

If you are court mandated to partake in rehab, it is highly likely that you will be required to attend at least one twelve-step meeting per week for approximately six months. Upon attendance, you will be expected to have your court papers signed by the meeting moderator to prove attendance. Inpatient Treatment, Outpatient Treatment and even treatment modalities like anger-management classes and/or therapy may be required.

It is recommended that if you have been court mandated to seek support for your addiction that you do your best to keep an open mind and to embrace yourself in this opportunity for recovery. Chances are that if you got in trouble with the law because of your marijuana use, you are faced with a very serious addiction problem. If you do not take this mandated recovery opportunity as a learning experience, chances are you will use again and end up in the same exact place later.



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