Suggested Supplements to 12-Step Programs

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What Options Should I Consider When Beginning My REcovery from Marijuana Addiction?

Suggested Supplements to 12-Step Programs

Other supportive modalities, such as cognitive behavioral therapy, medication management, and even housing support (which can be sought through a case manager/social worker at a local hospital or agency with speciality in addiction recovery) can be beneficial therapies. It is sometimes recommended that an addict in early recovery live in a halfway house, a recovery home (which tends to be far more expensive) or with sober friends. Early recovery from addiction should not include spending significant amounts of time with peers, or even family members who use drugs and alcohol. This behavior will almost always lead to relapse. Some of the people to expect to run into are certified drug and alcohol counselors (CADC), social workers, nurses, physicians and psychologists. The important thing to consider for the latter named professionals is their level of knowledge and experience dealing with your specific area of addiction difficulty.



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