Individualized Drug Counseling

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Do I Need Individualized Counseling as Part of My Recovery from Marijuana Addiction?

Individualized Drug Counseling

It has been researched that drug addicts who add individualized drug counseling as a part of their drug rehab program are more successful than recovering addicts who merely cease use. The role of the drug counselor is to help you deal with the emotional and environmental consequences of your disease. For example, he she will help you deal with how to address your addiction in the workplace (or how to deal with being out of work), housing, consequences of your past behaviors and negative repetitive thought/behavioral patterns. This person will be both non-judgmental and well-educated on the behavioral and distorted thought processes of your addiction. A good place to find CADC's or drug counselors is through local mental health centers or hospitals. If these venues do not have their own drug counselors in house, they will have social workers who can offer you case management/referral services to get the help you need.



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