Crack/Cocaine Withdrawal

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How should I deal with crack/cocaine withdrawal?

Crack/Cocaine Withdrawal

If you have stopped using crack/cocaine, it's important to know about withdrawal symptoms.

After prolonged use, you may begin to experience such symptoms as chronic fatigue, increased appetite, insomnia or extreme agitation within only a few hours of your last use. The closer your withdrawal symptoms are to your last time of use, the more severe your addiction is. If you are experiencing these severe symptoms, you are in serious danger both physically and psychologically. At this point, the drug is no longer achieving that long-term high and you will never be able to consume enough of the drug to make you feel better again. You should receive medical attention at a drug rehab facility to assure a safe detoxification/withdrawal process, and follow it with an appointment with a therapist, an internist and a series of 12-Step Meetings. A nutritionist may also be helpful in rehabilitating your immune system, which is probably very weak.



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