Crack/Cocaine Rehabilitation: Early Stages

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How do I begin to rehabilitate from Crack/Cocaine Use?

Crack/Cocaine Rehabilitation: Early Stages

The research regarding crack/cocaine use and effective treatment is still in its infancy and inconclusive. However, some useful determinations have been made. It is known that the decision to opt for complete abstinence from drug use after detox is the most effective tool for avoiding recurring (and potentially life-threatening) abuse.

Some data suggests that relapse prevention models and cognitive-behavioral therapy for outpatient treatment is more effective than insight-focused psychotherapy. It is usually recommended that residential treatment and intensive outpatient support take place in the first stages of rehabilitation.



5/9/2008 1:12:44 PM
The Best Addiction Treatment Center said:

Different people come to recognize the need for addiction treatment at different stages of their addiction or dependency. As such, the amount of attention and care necessary to help those battling addiction realize self-sufficiency in their lifelong addiction recovery can vary from client to client.


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