Crack/Cocaine Rehabilitation: Gaining a Network of Support

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How Do I Practice Long-Term Use Cessation from Crack/Cocaine?

Crack/Cocaine Rehabilitation: Gaining a Network of Support

Once you've given up crack/cocaine and committed yourself to life-long abstinence, you will need a network of support. It's important to know that despite quitting crack/cocaine, you will likely still experience distorted thinking and addictive tendencies.

The unfortunate side is that you will always have the disease of addiction. The good news is that unlike a terminal prognosis for a cancer patient, there is a solution to your problem. It is suggested that you quickly obtain a network of support through Cocaine Anonymous and that you attend as many meetings per week that you were using crack/cocaine. You should put as much, if not more, effort into maintaining your sobriety as you did maintaining your addiction. This may seem strange at first, but you will feel more comfortable around people who are like you.



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