Additional Support for Drug Rehabilitation from Crack/Cocaine

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How Do I receive Support for my cocaine/crack addiction if I cannot find a Cocaine Anonymous meeting?

Additional Support for Drug Rehabilitation from Crack/Cocaine

Cocaine Anonymous, while suggested as the primary mode of long-term treatment for this addiction, is not always a large fellowship and may not even exist in some smaller cities. Narcotics Anonymous is another option, but may also be difficult to find.

However, if you're addicted to cocaine, there is a strong likelihood you are also addicted to alcohol (or at least cannot use alcohol because it results in you using/abusing cocaine again). There are Alcoholics Anonymous meetings virtually everywhere. At first, it is suggested you go to "open" AA meetings so you won't feel like an intruder if you haven't found your addiction focuses on alcohol.

You can find out if a meeting is "open" by looking in a local AA directory or at, where there will be some indicator of the meeting status (such as an "o" or the word "open") after the listing of the meeting. Once you feel comfortable in your support network, you will find plenty of other men and women in AA who also struggle with crack/cocaine (or view that as their primary addiction). They will be of invaluable support during your battle with crack/cocaine recovery.



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