Crack/Cocaine Rehabilitation in the Workplace

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How Should I Address My Crack/Cocaine Addiction in the Workplace?

Crack/Cocaine Rehabilitation in the Workplace

If you have been at the same job for an extended period of time, it is likely that your boss/peers know about your drug problem. If not, the decision to disclose your medical/mental health issues in the workplace is always a tricky one.

Refer to trusted resources -- such as medical/psychological journals, instead of pop culture magazines -- for support in making this decision. A great article to begin with is "Should I Tell the Boss? Disclosing a Psychiatric Condition in the Workplace" by Diana Ballon, from Journal of Addiction and Mental Health 4(1), 13. It's also suggested that you ask other recovering addicts whom you respect and trust about their opinions and experiences on such matters.



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