Heroin Detox: The Methadone Question

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Is Methadone Recommended as part of Heroin Detox?

Heroin Detox: The Methadone Question

As with any detox, it is essential that you check yourself into a detoxification program where your body will have time to safely heal from the physiological dependency it has acquired on heroin. Heroin detox generally lasts between 7-14 days..

The next step is deciding whether or not you plan to engage in methadone management. One opinion is that methadone management is not a treatment regiment that promotes total and long-term sobriety. That being said, however, since the risk of relapse and possible death are highest right after initial detox, methadone can help some people early on.

Although methadone produces a different and more time-released high, many people become dependent on the methadone as well. The addictive mind and body are generally looking for any "out" from discomfort. Methadone can be a tricky and dangerous way to try to treat a brain that is already addicted/dependent upon a chemical substance to function. That being said, it is always recommended that you do your own research. Go to the library, go to 12-step meetings, talk with the medical professionals at your detox center and speak with both professionals and other addicts who can give you information based on their clinical and personal experiences as well.



8/24/2007 6:44:23 PM
in reality said:

this is dangerous never attepmet to withdraw from a opaite with out proper medical supervision.
Less than 1% of pain paitents become so called addicts myths likethis are highly dangerepus . AA and NA have a 95%failure rate would youbuy a car if itbroke down 95 %^of thetime >


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