Narcotics and Other Drug Abuse

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How Does Narcotic Abuse Relate to the Abuse of other Substances?

Narcotics and Other Drug Abuse

According to a 2002 report by the Drug Abuse Warning Network (DAWN) out of the U.S. Department of Health; oxycodone, alcohol, benzodiazapines, and cocaine are commonly used in conjunction with each other. This means that seeking treatment for the abuse of oxycodone or heroin does not mean that these are the only drugs you will need to give up.

It is common in the recovery/treatment lexicon to refer to a particular substance as one's "drug of choice." The vast majority of treatment plans, however, including those found in hospital settings, outpatient settings and in 12-step settings advocate complete cessation of all chemical substance in order to maintain a sober life.

This may seem to be a tall order at first, but if you wish to lead a happy, healthier and more fulfilling life complete susbstance abstinence is the only way. If you don't give it all up now, you will quickly find that the insidious nature of the thinking and obsessive aspects of addiction will simply lead you to another primary substance to abuse.



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