Opiate Detox Options

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What are my options regarding opiate detox?

Opiate Detox Options

Opiate detox procedures have been a misunderstood, controversial and slowly evolving animal. Clinically speaking, it is suggested that those seeking help for opiate detox do a good deal of "homework" prior to selecting which program works. ( Note : If you are in an urgent situation in terms of need for detox help, then it is most important that you check yourself into the nearest hospital detox program because detoxing alone is a very dangerous decision and one that, because of the intense discomfort, leads to relapse). You have several opiate detox program options to consider.

Traditional detox procedures involve checking into a medical facility where specialists are able to monitor chemical levels and withdrawal symptoms. Detox, however, does not end after initial withdrawal. This kind of procedure lasts a very long time (the thinking, in general, is that it takes at least 18 months to completely rid your system of the substances). While this is a grueling way to detox, it does follow the thinking that there is no quick fix to recovery (and many addicts are seeking a quick fix mentality) and that the changing process must last a lifetime.

Rapid Detox, simply put, is a more neophyte detox method (about 10 years in the making) that suggests opiate detox can be accomplished without adverse affects in a very short time.

This tip information is based on experience in a clinical setting and understanding of the nature of the addictive thought processes and behavioral manifestations. Most addicts would like anything to quickly alleviate a lifetime of adverse experiences (often self-induced). Caution is urged prior to embarking on any quick-fix procedure. However, it is recommended that you speak with other recovering people prior to making a decision on what will work for you. It is also highly recommended that you limit your research to libraries, professional publications and other recovery opiate users. The Internet, while a valuable resource, will also involve a lot of sensationalism and sales-pitch ideas that may affect you adversely when you are in such a vulnerable place.



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