Legal Narcotics

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What Should I Know About Legal Narcotics?

Legal Narcotics

Narcotics, which are opiates, can be classified into either prescription (or legal) narcotics/drugs or street narcotics/drugs. It is important to note a common misconception regarding "legal" drugs, which is that they are always safe and/or non-addictive. This is not true. In fact, legal drugs, such as alcohol or prescription narcotics are among the most abused drugs.

Legal drugs are, as already stated, alcohol and prescription narcotics (i.e. Codeine, Methadone, Morphine, Percodan, Vicodin, Percocet). While all are addictive, the latter three are particularly dependence forming. Tranquilizers, sedatives, certain muscle relaxants, prescription amphetamines, oxycotin over the counter drugs (i.e. mouthwashes and diet aids) can also be addictive.

It is important to note that if you are someone who struggles with a history of addiction of any kind, that you tell your health care provider this prior to being prescribed any of the above substances. And even if you are not an addict currently, it is recommended that you really weigh the costs and benefits of taking certain medications. There are many people whom become addicts due to chronic pain and increased dependency on chemical substances for physical relief. Narcotics can be very helpful in reducing intolerable pain/discomfort, but, again, be certain that your motivations for use are "clean" and that you are open and honest with your doctor regarding use patterns and physical need.



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