Street Narcotics

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What Should I Know About Street Narcotics?

Street Narcotics

Street narcotics are becoming increasingly popular among teenagers and adults in recent years. Common street narcotics include ecstasy, cocaine, hallucinogens (psychedelic drugs), crack cocaine, amphetamines, Rohypnol, steroids, inhalants and solvents, ketamine, heroin, marijuana, phencyclidene (PCP) and methadone.

While these individual drugs types will be further explored in individual categories, they are important to note as a family/class of drugs. Many of these "street" narcotics are used in concordance with one another. For example, marijuana is known as the "gateway drug," which can lead to use of more addictive drugs, such as crack/cocaine and heroin.

Most people who indulge in drug use do not limit themselves to one type of drug. Often times, one starts off with alcohol and marijuana, and needs increasing amounts of energy (cocaine), then downers (heroin) and so on. The cycle becomes worse and more intense until none of the sensations are achieving the level of satisfaction for the user that was originally experienced. It is during this time that the user begins to lose important people and things in life, go to jail, or even experience near-death or real death. The other alternative is to get help.



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