Learning the Drug Recovery Lexicon

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What Else Should I Learn About Drug/Narcotic Recovery?

Learning the Drug Recovery Lexicon

If you are interested in seeking treatment for narcotic abuse, or at least learning more about symptoms you may be experiencing, it is recommended that you first learn the basics. Just like in any field of work or even recovery, there are key terms with which one should become familiar prior to or during treatment. The reason for this recommendation is that recovery can be overwhelming and frightening on many levels. Recovery is often the first time that drug addicts are asked to be honest about themselves and their behaviors over their period of use, so being somewhat comfortable with terms that will be thrown out can be helpful to increased feelings of safety and decreased feelings of shame (based on lack of awareness of the disease component of drug addiction).

eGetgoing is an excellent site that offers "Drug and Alcohol Information: Glossary" and outlines terms such as abstinence, 12-Steps, associated mental illnesses (like ADHD and Bipolar Disorder), detox, and tolerance.



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