Downsizing in Early Recovery

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Why is It Recommended that Addicts in Early Recovery Make No Major Changes?

Downsizing in Early Recovery

It is the tendency of many people in early recovery to have the attitude that since they are feeling better, they should add numerous things into their life before being ready. Some of these things can be a new job, a primary romantic relationship, a major move to a far away land, or starting a family. While sometimes such changes are unavoidable, is strongly recommended that an addict in early recovery spends most of his/her time focusing on getting better.

The tendency to "add" comes from the feeling of emptiness that contributed to the addiction in the first place and will most likely lead to increased discontent and may even lead to relapse. It is suggested, although it will feel boring to the recovering addict at first, to keep life as simple and uncomplicated as possible. Recovering from substance abuse is most likely the most difficult thing a person will do in his/her life. No reason to make it more so.



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