Physical Activity and Recovery

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How Can Physical Activity Enhance my Recovery?

Physical Activity and Recovery

It is likely that when you first get sober that you will find yourself with unimaginable amounts of frenetic energy. It is not uncommon for people in early recovery (even several years in) to have a difficult time sitting for any significant amount of time, remaining attentive for long television programs or conversations, or even sleeping very well. While if these symptoms are out of hand, you should seek medical attention, but understand that this is a normal and expected part of the recovery process.

Dr. Diane White of Chicago's Soma Medical Clinic recommends that to increase one's activity and to maintain a healthy lifestyle, one should engage in the physical activities he/she enjoyed as a child; such as playing active games or running around the park with a ball. Not only will this help addicts in early recovery feel healthier and more alive, it will help increase a sense of playfulness that has been lost in the abyss of addiction.



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