Positive Thought and Recovery

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How Do Positive Thoughts Affect Recovery from Substance Abuse?

Positive Thought and Recovery

One of the most highly regarded ways to find peace of mind and contentedness in life is to focus on that which is good. It is common for all people to focus on what they don't have instead of all of the things that they do. This malady is particularly intensified in the alcoholic mind. The focus is generally on deprivation and the fear that there will never be enough alcohol, drugs or (fill in the blank) to go around.

It has been seen time and time again that those people who focus on positive thoughts and who even invite the option to think positively about that which makes them uncomfortable will develop a more positive attitude and enjoy a far more fulfilling life experience. Additionally, if a person is focusing on life's abundances, he/she has far less time to think about drinking/drugging.



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