Patience and Recovery

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How Can Being Patient Help Me in the Recovery Process?

Patience and Recovery

Once a person decides that he/she is ready to get sober it is common to feel a sense of relief, enthusiasm and desire to go back to relationships and situations as though nothing ever happened. Unfortunately, the people who have been subjected to the addict's behavioral storms over and over again are most likely not so ready to be available. Many people will have been so disheartened by repeated, failed promises to change and/or hurtful or even violent behavior from the past, that the recovering addict can be met with less support than he/she might hope.

This can be very painful and confusing to an addict in early recovery, but it is also understandable on the other side. In order to deal with such situations, it is suggested that addicts in early recovery not only remain very close to men and women who understand their actual desire to change, but also that they remain patient. As people observe you changing, they will, slowly, learn to trust you again.



9/13/2007 5:23:46 PM
Sarah said:

I love this tip soo much! I'm addicted to prescription drugs, and I am trying to get off of them, and this has helped me! Thank you!


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