Residential Living and Recovery

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Do I have to Participate in Residential Living to Get Sober?

Residential Living and Recovery

Residential living is sometimes recommended as part of the drug rehabilitation process. Such a decision-making conversation would occur between the inpatient client and his/her treatment team members. Such facilities, such as Hazelden in Chicago, while often beneficial, can cost exorbitant amounts of money and are not always an option to people who are just getting sober (in fact, they are most often not an option). While such programs for those in early recovery can prove very helpful in offering a safe haven for living, they are not the only options.

Any person who desires sobriety has the option to get sober by attending free Alcoholics Anonymous meetings and/or Narcotics Anonymous meetings and spending most of his/her time with those recovering men and women who are ready and willing to be of service to new members.



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