Drug Treatment Centers/Substance Abuse Clinics

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What are Drug Treatment Centers?

Drug Treatment Centers/Substance Abuse Clinics

"Drug treatment centers" and "substance abuse clinics" are broad terms that can imply several different settings and experiences. Another term one might hear is "substance abuse center." Any similar term is simply a variation on a variety of potential treatment experiences for addicts in early recovery. One of the essential problems with addicts early in recovery is a sense of inflated ego that must be deflated if any help is to be sought, as well as a chemical dependency for which it is essential to receive safe and responsible detox. Drug treatment centers/substance abuse clinics as a whole tend to focus on these two major components in early recovery.

  • One type of drug treatment center is an inpatient/locked facility that can last about a month (or longer) depending upon insurance and cost of programming. These centers can be part of a medical facility, a free standing psychiatric facility or exist independently as a place for drug treatment only. One example of a such a California Rehab Center is the Betty Ford Clinic.
  • Halfway Houses- Many addicts enter treatment having lost everything, or again, thinking that they are better than others who are seeking recovery as well. Either situation is an example of the extremes indicative of the disease of addiction. It is often either recommended that a newly sober addict move into such a facility that focuses on sobriety and/or following rules/regulations that the addict has come to believe are applicable to everyone BUT him/her.
  • IOP treatment- This is a common term that refers to Inpatient/Outpatient treatment. This is usually a part of recovery that transpires after the initial inpatient treatment, but this can vary as well. An IOP means that the recovering person is attending daily rigorous educational and treatment-based programming that will help him/her transition from the safe haven of the treatment program to the real world again.
  • Outpatient Treatment Centers- Outpatient treatment centers can, at times, specialize in drug/alcohol rehabilitation. This kind of treatment can include individual therapy, group therapy, educational programming, and even ongoing psychiatric treatment.



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