Individual Therapy as Part of Substance Abuse Recovery

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Is Individual Therapy a Recommended Component of Substance Abuse Recovery?

Individual Therapy as Part of Substance Abuse Recovery

It is often recommended as part of the recovery process that one receive(s) individual therapy to enhance his/her awareness and relational skills. While this can be very helpful, it is important for both incoming addicts and mental health practitioners to know that it is not in the best interest of either clinician or client to treat someone who simply refuses to seek additional help for his/her addiction.

Individual therapy is one component of the treatment process that can be very rewarding and useful to those in recovery. If already working with a therapist that you trust/respect, it could certainly be helpful to continue working with him/her as long as you are willing to be open and honest about your addiction treatment and the role that it plays in your life. It is also recommended to consider working with a therapist who has expertise in the field so that you are able to receive the maximum benefits from the energy and time that you invest.



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