Drug Rehab: The Financial Concern

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How Do I Afford A Drug Rehab Treatment Experience?

Drug Rehab: The Financial Concern

The kind of drug rehab facilities that are advertised in magazines and on television can often be both romanticized and daunting to addicts in early recovery. While these very expensive facilities do have good resources, there are many less expensive facilities that offer strong treatment teams and high-quality care. Additionally, many of the less expensive facilities will also take various insurance plans, including Medicare/Medicaid.

The bottom line about drug rehab is that an addict who wants to recover will recover. A person can go to the most prestigious and expensive facility in the world and continue to relapse. Once a person makes up his/her mind that he/she wants help, the options are endless and readily available. Call the nearest major hospital or 12-step office and ask for further information. You can also call the nearest mental health center and ask for intake. Trained case managers should be able to answer your questions.



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